Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Selection Tips For Air Intake Louvers Designed For Cooling Towers

by Katrina Evans

To keep airflow at optimal levels for cooling towers, a component known as an air intake louver is needed. If yours is currently damaged or just really old, finding a replacement sooner rather than later may be necessary. If so, take these tips when purchasing said cooling tower part.

Look for Chemical and UV-Resistance  

Regardless of what type of cooling tower you're supporting with an air intake louver, this component is going to come in contact with the sun and chemicals that are used around said cooling system. You thus need to verify this part is resistant to both things from the start.

Then you won't have concerns about any part of the louver system breaking down when repeatedly exposed to these things. The supplier that gives you this component should have proof of both chemical and UV resistance too so that you can choose this part with more confidence.

See How Effective Debris-Prevention is

Another important role of an air intake louver for cooling towers is keeping debris from getting into the system. It's a good idea to assess this particular performance spec when looking for this replacement part because then, you can make sure debris, like leaves, doesn't cause added headaches when trying to maximize this cooling tower's performance long-term. 

You need to verify that the design used to make an air intake louver keeps out as much debris as possible. If you have performance tests to back this spec up, you can trust debris-prevention will be maintained for a long time. Even smile debris won't be able to end up in your cooling tower system. 

Don't Forget About Noise Reduction

Something you don't want to neglect when choosing a new air intake louver for a cooling tower is its ability to reduce noise. That's going to make your cooling tower run more conveniently for those that have to be around this system all the time throughout the day.

How much noise reduction is provided will depend on how the air intake louver is put together by a manufacturer, as well as the materials used. Keep searching until you can make sure adequate noise reduction is provided by said part.

If your cooling tower's air intake louver ever gets too damaged to be fixed and subsequently work great again, try to find the best replacement that you can. Then this part is going to help other integral aspects of a cooling tower. 


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