Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

When You Have A Building You Want Demolished: How Salvaging Materials Can Save You Money

by Katrina Evans

When you have a building on your property that is falling down and can't be repaired, there may be some hidden value in the building. Salvage companies make money off of collecting all types of materials, and recycling it with the right facilities. Anything from copper pipes to bricks and lumber can be salvaged, and this can significantly reduce your overall costs to having a building removed from your land. If you are considering getting rid of an outbuilding and you aren't sure where to turn, it's time to talk with a demolition service to see if they salvage materials to reduce your up front costs or if you can salvage things on your own first.

The Price of Salvaged Bricks

How much you will get per brick will depend on a number of factors. If there's no demand for bricks in your area, you may have trouble giving the bricks away. In the reverse, there may be high demand for used bricks locally, and you can end up getting .50 cents per brick. This can add up to some substantial cash if your building is mainly brick and you have a large stockpile.

Selling Reclaimed Wood

The price you get for your reclaimed wood is going to vary greatly depending on the size of the wood, how old the wood is, the ring quality of the wood, and the type of wood it is. The price you get will also depend on demand, so it may be difficult to price your reclaimed wood. Consider how much wood you have and what you are willing to sell it for. While your wood may be worth more, it is better to get something out of the reclaimed wood than nothing at all.

Salvaging Your Copper Pipes

If the building to be demolished has any copper pipes, it may be worth it to cut the pipes out and salvage the metal. Scrap metal pricing for copper is roughly $2-2.20 per pound, and you can net a few bucks by taking out the copper piping that isn't going to be used anymore. This money can be used to pay the demolition company to remove the old building, reducing your overall costs.

If you have an old building you don't want anymore, it's time to get rid of the eyesore on your property. Talk with a demolition expert to get a cost estimate, and talk about anything that might be able to be salvaged from your building. Whether you do the salvaging or the demolition company does, there can be money in the old parts of the building. For more information, contact companies like Alliance Demolition Services Inc.


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Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

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