Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Remove Scratches From A Stainless Steel Railing Leading To Your Company's Loading Dock

by Katrina Evans

If there is a stainless steel railing leading to your company's loading dock that has scratches in its surface, eliminate them with the following steps. Once the railing has been repaired, care for it with some basic steps so that it remains damage-free.


  • soapy water
  • multi-purpose cleaner
  • sponges
  • lint-free cloth
  • baking soda
  • water
  • bucket
  • mixing stick
  • buffing pads
  • piece of high grit sandpaper
  • hand sander
  • emery cloth
  • water hose
  • metal polish

Clean The Railing's Surface And Eliminate Minor Scratches

Use a small amount of soapy water or a multi-purpose cleaner and a sponge to remove surface dirt from the railing. Remove the cleaning solution from the stainless steel with a clean, damp sponge and dry the railing with a lint-free cloth. Inspect the clean railing for visible scratches. Mix equal amounts of baking soda and water in a small bucket until they are an even consistency. Apply a small amount of the mixture to a clean buffing pad.

Press the pad firmly against each scratch on the stainless steel surface and move it around in tiny circles. Add more of the baking soda and water mixture to the buffing pad when necessary.. Once the scratches have faded, rinse the railing off with a water hose.

Treat Deep Scratches

If there are any deep scratches on the railing's exterior, eliminate them by rubbing them with damp sandpaper. Use a hand sander that has a piece of high grit sandpaper attached to it or an emery cloth that has the same type of paper secured to it to treat each scratch.

Dampen the sandpaper with a few drops of water before applying it to the scratched parts of the railing. Move the sanding tool firmly back and forth over each affected area.  Rinse any sanding residue from the railing with a water hose once all of the scratches have been eliminated. Wait for the stainless steel to dry.

Buff And Care For The Stainless Steel

Pour a small amount of polish that is designed to be used on stainless steel onto a clean buffing pad. Move the pad firmly in small circles against the stainless steel's exterior. The polish will add shine to the metal. Once the stainless steel has an opaque appearance, wipe away excess polish with a clean buffing pad.

Continue to care for the railing on your company's property by only cleaning it with products that are designed for metal and by avoiding the use of abrasive materials. Cleaning the railing routinely will help maintain the appearance of the stainless steel and prevent it from becoming damaged.  


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Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

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