Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

How Renting A Dumpster Can Help Your Next Remodeling Project

by Katrina Evans

Are you planning a home remodeling project? Are you trying to figure out if you've missed any steps in your plans? While you may be giving a lot of thought to whether you want your living room walls to be blue, green or white, you may not have given much thought to how you'll handle the old drywall and other building materials. Whatever thought you've put into the matter may simply be thinking that you'll take everything to the dump afterwards. While this may work in some cases, here are some reasons why you should rent a dumpster for extensive home remodeling projects:

Time: When you're doing a remodeling project, you probably want everything to go back to normal as soon as possible. After having everything inside covered by drop cloths or having a bathroom that is only partly functional, you'll want to restore everything to normalcy as soon as possible. If you plan on taking things to the dump, that's a longer period of time that you'll be reminded of your recent project. Depending on your availability, it could be weeks before everything is cleaned up. By using dumpster rental services instead, you'll be able to clean as you go. Instead of piling up the trash and then moving those piles to the dump, you'll simply pile everything into the dumpster. As soon as the project is complete, you can have the dumpster hauled away.

Safety: Remodeling waste can be dangerous in a variety of ways. Rusty metal can cause tetanus, fiberglass can cause irritation, and some of the necessary chemicals can be toxic. If there are any pets or small children in your neighborhood, it can be difficult to keep them away from a growing pile of remodeling trash. Help them avoid as much temptation as possible by using dumpster rental services to keep the debris out of sight of curious eyes. Instead of keeping a constant watch on the waste to make sure that no children are playing in or on the pile, you'll be able to focus on making sure that your remodel is going as you want.

Money: Many dumps will charge you not only a per-load fee but also a fee based on the weight of the trash that you bring to the dump. Depending on how much trash you generate during the course of your home renovation project, your total could quickly grow beyond what you expected to spend when you take your trash to the dump. When you use dumpster rental services, some weight is usually factored into the quoted price. As long as you don't go above this allotted weight, you'll be able to budget more efficiently because you'll know exactly what the final bill will be. 


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Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

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