Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Strategies For Improving The Security Of Your Pneumatic Tubes

by Katrina Evans

Given that the contents of a pneumatic tube can sometimes be targeted by criminals, pneumatic security is a common concern, especially in hospital settings where patients must have their medical records protected. This is best accomplished through software and access codes that control access to certain items and the system as a whole.

The Benefits of Pneumatic Tubes

Pneumatic tubes can be much more secure than simply transferring items by hand. The items often exchange fewer hands, making it easier to identify who lost a particular item. Also, when traveling through the tubes, the items are harder to steal. The greatest security concerns are in regard to the entry and exit points.

Closed-Loop Control

One security measure is to implement closed-loop control to ensure that criminals are unable to gain unauthorized access to the pneumatic tubes. This can include security card readers and specialized software to limit access. Control panels have long required a secure code be entered to access the contents of the system. Access cards are easier because they eliminate the need to remember a code.

The cards also record the sender and receiver of such transactions to help reduce employee theft. If an employee loses a card, the card can be deleted from the database and a new card issued. Also, employees can be given limited access to items, with the authorization to access items modified regularly. A technician can only receive a lab sample if he or she really needs it for a specific task. If the user tries to access the pneumatic tube, but does not provide a card, the system can be locked as a security precaution.

Advanced Messaging Technology

Implementing advanced messaging technology can allow managers and hospital staff to receive notifications for when a pneumatic tube is used. Not only can this be used for security purposes, but also to improve productivity. For example, if a lab technician is waiting for a sample, he or she can receive a notification when the lab sample has been retrieved, allowing the technician to track down its location if it is not promptly delivered.

Limited Access

When there is no need for an item to transfer between one hand and another, it may make more sense to have a pneumatic tube simply transfer an item to a secure location. For instance, in a retail setting, cash can be transferred via pneumatic tube into a safe. An item should only be handled when absolutely necessary.

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