Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

4 Tips for Running a Successful Charity Golf Outing

by Katrina Evans

Are you planning a charity golf outing? If so, you likely have a big effort ahead of you. Golf outings have a lot of moving parts, including the dispersal of food, the giving out of prizes, the flow of the golfers, and most importantly, the donating of money for the fundraiser. It's important to get your first outing right so that golfers will return to the event every year. As your event gains a good reputation over time, you can increase the rates for both golfers and sponsors, thereby increasing the amount of money you bring in each year. To do that, golfers and sponsors will need to walk away from the event happy about their investment. Here are a few tips to help you do that:

Place a priority on golf flow. You may be tempted to sign up as many foursomes as possible. However, that would likely be a mistake. Experienced golfers are used to a quick pace of play. If you sign up too many foursomes, you could have logjams on the course, which may frustrate many of the golfers. If your golfers are frustrated by the pace of play, they may not come back next year and they may not recommend the outing to their friends and colleagues.

When you book the course for the outing, talk to the club pro about the suitable number of foursomes. They should be able to give you a range. Aim for the lower end of that range to make sure everyone can move through the course quickly.

Make check-in easy. Just as you don't want logjams on the course, you also don't want them at the check-in counter. Keep in mind that many of your golfers will be arriving shortly before tee time, which means they may only have a few minutes to check in and get on the course. If they're running late because of a line at the check-in table, that could throw off the timing of the whole day.

Man your check-in counter with plenty of people. Have all the golfers preloaded into a database so your check-in staff can quickly see which foursome they are in and what hole they will start on. Also, have your goodie bags ready and waiting when the groups check in.

Make your sponsors' names prominent on the course. Sponsorship is often the biggest source of fundraising in a golf outing. While many sponsors are happy to help the cause, they also want to feel like they got their money's worth. One way to make sure of that is to use custom signs all over the course to prominently display the sponsors' names. If you have sponsors for each hole, get a custom sign with their name and logo next to the tee box. Also, get large signs near the check-in station and clubhouse with the names of all the sponsors.

A custom sign maker can help you find an affordable and appealing option. For more information, contact a custom sign maker in your area, like Snyder Signs Inc.  


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