Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Benefits Of Abrasive Waterjet Cutters

by Katrina Evans

In the early 20th century people discovered that jets of water could cut things.  Originally, waterjet cutting technology was used to cut soft materials, such as paper and plastic.  As time passed, more sophisticated systems were developed that could cut through a wider variety of materials.  It was also discovered that abrasives could be added to the water that can assist in cutting through denser materials, such as stone and metals.  In fact, an abrasive waterjet cutter is able to cut through any material except diamonds, tempered glass, and some ceramics.

A waterjet cutting system uses a high pressure water pump with a special nozzle.  When cutting through metal, an abrasive is usually added.  Garnet is typically used as an abrasive in waterjet cutters because it has sharp edges when crushed, which is useful for the purposes of a waterjet cutter.  It also doesn't react with the materials that it is used to cut. 

Benefits of Abrasive Waterjet Cutters

There are many benefits of using an abrasive waterjet cutter. 

  • These cutting systems do not change the intrinsic properties of the material.  No heat is used, so there are no heat-affected zones.  A heat-affected zone is an area of the metal that is not melted, but has had its properties altered from being heated up and cooled down. 
  • Abrasive waterjet cutters can cut complex shapes, and are precise enough to cut very intricately.  They also produce good edge quality.  They are very accurate and can cut a material in any direction.
  • Using an abrasive waterjet cutter produces less scrap metal than other options.  It also doesn't produce a lot of dust, chips, or grindings. 
  • These systems last a long time, since there is very little wear and tear on them.  They are also high-speed and can get the job done quickly. 
  • Abrasive waterjet cutters are good for the environment, also.  If you use a "closed loop system," the water can be used again.  Water left over can simply go down a drain after it has been filtered.  The use of garnet as an abrasive is also beneficial to the environment.  Garnet can be used repeatedly, and since it is non-toxic, it can also be disposed of easily. Overall, using an abrasive waterjet cutter produces less contaminants and hazardous materials.  This is safer for those who are working with the materials.
  • An abrasive waterjet cutter can cut through thick, dense, materials.  Some have been known to cut through over a foot and a half of dense material. 

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