Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Advancements In Structural Steel That Can Make Your Job Easier

by Katrina Evans

When it comes to ordering the necessary supplies and equipment for your work within the structural steel industry, you may soon have the ability to enjoy some very convenient technological advancements. It is a known fact that although there are advantages to using steel for providing support to structures, that there are some disadvantages, as well. Some of the disadvantages of using steel can be that it is prone to corrosion, isn't very fire resistant, and in some situations it may collapse. Here are some advancements that can make your work easier:

Bamboo & bones for extra strength

Researchers have discovered that by mimicking the structure of bamboo and bones when manufacturing structural steel, the steel can be reinforced, making it substantially stronger. If you have experienced challenges in the past related to the buckling of steel, then you will definitely want to look into obtaining some of this fortified steel. Your clients will thank you for creating a way to prevent structural collapse.

Increased corrosion resistance & nanotechnology

Since corrosion can be a major problem with steel due to a chemical reaction, as with other metals, increasing its resistance to corrosion is quite desirable. Researchers have discovered that by utilizing nanotechnology to strengthen steel, corrosion doesn't occur as frequently. Nanotechnology works to prevent corrosion by changing the chemical structure of the steel. This change occurs at a nanometer scale.

Improving fire resistance

Due to the fact that steel often becomes flammable, researchers have worked feverishly to increase its resistance to fire, with success. By insulating the steel with a combination of materials before installing it, researchers were able to dramatically increase steel's resistance to fire. These insulated materials consist of boards, sprays, and a thin intumescent coating.

This special coating is composed of three layers: a primer, a base coat, and a sealer coat. These coats combined act as a repellent to fire and are able to withstand even direct contact with fire without sustaining damage. Steel that has been treated with the fire resistant materials is surprisingly inexpensive, and it will increase the chances that your materials will meet specified standards.

So if you've been looking for ways to make using structural steel easier, then these advancements will definitely help. If you aren't able to obtain these new and improved steel items immediately, then hopefully they will be available in the near future. Not only will the use of these advanced materials make performing your job easier, but they will ensure that the steel that you use to provide support to structures is more durable and less likely to corrode or catch on fire. Contact a company like Garelick Steel for more information.


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Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

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